Can’t spare the time for a DayCation? What about a NightCation? There are lots of possibilities to re-energize after work.

My recent NightCation attending the screening of a rock climbing documentary “Valley Uprising”. It was being shown on the 19th day of Caldwell's and Jorgenson’s 3,000 foot climb up the granite Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park using only their hands and feet.

I read that this full movie length documentary would appeal beyond climbers - to those who loved adventure. As a solo traveler, this was a match for me.

This turned out to be a refreshingly different kind of movie experience. In the intimate Fairfield Theatre Company venue, there was an exhibit of rock climbing equipment and lots of pre-show chit chat about the use of it. There were lots of climbing enthusiasts in attendance!

Before the film aired, we heard an update about the Yosemite climber’s progress and we cheered after hearing late breaking news that the climbers arrived at the Summit.  

The magic of this evening was the overlap of a historical event with the viewing of a film about previous Yosemite journeys that led up to this one. Though image and compelling stories, I was transported to Yosemite.

What an inspiring and uplifting way to spend an evening.

Your ideas for upcoming NightCations?